www.RIF-eV.de | Philosophy | 17.06.2021

The iBOSS concept

The iBOSS project (intelligent Building Blocks for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Assembly) is focused on standard modules, i.e. structures, intelligent units and interfaces. The classic spacecraft subsystems are converted into specialized and standardized building blocks forming altogether a maintainable modual spacecraft.

The Motivation

iBOSS is aiming at introducing a standard to enable for servicing or extension of space systems in the long run, and even reconfigurability via systematic exchange or replacement of modules in space. The classic satellite design approach focuses on unique solutions which results in single-use systems which in turn entails in high cost of development and eventually in space debris.

iBOSS substitutes the classic satellite design with a standardized and modular system and thereby achieves:

  - Sustainability

  - Maintainability and Upgradeing

  - Cost Efficiency

  - Rapid and customized Development on Demand

The iBOSS design has positive effects on the overall mission effectiveness. This includes a great flexibility in satellite development and productions as well as rapid-developing-on-demand capabilities. The positive economic effects resulting from increased sustainability of space missions are also accompanied by ecological benefits such as the reduction of space debris.

Building modular satellites

Using pre-qualified, "off-the-shelf“ (OTS) modules enables rapid  on-demand development of efficient iBOSS-based satellites („iSats“) and other flexible space systems.
Modules span over different performance classes depending mission requirements (i.e. orbits, duration, etc.)

The iBOSS Building Block "iBLOCK"

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40 cm³

Average Mass: approx. 10kg (e.g. iSAT of 50 iBLOCKS)

The Intelligent Space System Interface "ISSI"

The iBLOCKs are connected with a highly integrated multifunctional interface to provide mechanical coupling combined with other link functions
iSSI enables countless block combinations due its androgynous and symmetric design (patented!).

iBOSS Software Tools and Systems

The iBOSS approach does not only focus on the hardware aspects of modular space systems but also on the development of dedicated Software such as computer aided satellite design, reconfiguration planning and detailed spacecraft simulations which also helps to reduce development time and costs.

Intelligent Computer Aided Satellite Design (iCASD)

With the help of iBOSS specific iCASD Software an automatic selection and placement of building blocks depending on the mission parameters can be achieved. Generated solutions are visualized and can eventually be used to plan reconfigurations and import procedures into a full simulation environment and testbed.

The Virtual Testbed iBOSS

In order to handle the technical complexity and to bridge the gap between technical and economical requirements and impact, iBOSS scenarios are modeled in a comprehensive virtual test bed (VTi). With combined virtual reality and 3D simulation techniques, both the potential and limits of modular systems and options for their robotic manipulation in space can be explored and demonstrated.